Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why I Love My Friends

Remember Troll (Oregonfriend) with the dire warning that I am placing my family in danger of dying from some horrible illness because we had squirrel with our dinner? 

Remember her saying (constantly) about how she knows what she is talking about?  (I know of what I speak.)

I have to applaud her and her wisdom.  She is such a fountain of knowledge.  Without her, people all over the world without access to Google would surely die a horrible, horrible death.

And this leads me to why I love my friends.  Human Ape is a dear friend of mine.  I have known her since the end of my pregnancy with Bethany.  We met and hit it off.  Although our spiritual beliefs are vastly different and my lifestyle is her worst nightmare (her own words) I consider her one of my dearest friends.  She has the guts enough to tell me when I am acting stupid, has been a rock for me when I was having the year from hell, and we have shared more coffee than I can count.  This is not just someone I know online.  This is someone whose kitchen I broke down and cried in when people close to me died.  She also knows when people are trying to give me crap for the sole purpose of their own personal amusement.

So, when Human Ape had a minute, she did a quick search and found the fountain of Oregonfriend's education and experience.  Oregonfriend left out the fact that she googled it and it was in answer to a question that someone asked.  "My uncle shoots and eats this all the time."  Apparently, looking at said uncle and the fact that he is still alive to do this repeatedly is lost on the person.  There is also a whole host of information in the comment section about how lean wild rabbit and squirrel are. 

So, according to Oregonfriend (based on her repeated comments over the past few years), eating lean meat, fresh eggs, fresh veggies, fresh fruit, whole grain breads, and legumes are not a healthy diet.  I am guessing the ramen noodles and hot dogs we had for lunch a few weeks back would be more to her liking.

Anyway, Oregonfriend has been outed (again) as someone who likes to run off at the mouth with no genuine basis of knowledge in what she is talking about.

Stay classy, Oregonfriend. 

And, Human Ape, thank you for the wonderful gift of outing her for me.

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