Friday, August 12, 2011

One more week

One more week and I will have my certificate showing me as a Certified Emergency Medical Responder.  I am excited.  I have my certificate showing I went through Chemical Suicide training, then I will have this, and in September (it was supposed to be tomorrow, but has been rescheduled) I will go through training for illicit drug use.  I still want to do haz-mat training and rapid vehicle extraction training.  Next time they come up, I will definitely sign up.  Last night, we learned rapid triage using START and JumpSTART methods.

Today, Charlie has an appointment in Springfield to have his feet and walk looked at.  Hopefully, he is fine and I am just being hyper paranoid and he is just being lazy with his shoes.  But, I'd rather have him checked out and if there is an issue and he does walk on the insides of his feet (as his last pair of shoes showed) then it needs to be corrected.

We came up with an idea for the flooring in the kitchen and I think I like it.  (It was my idea to begin with.)  Use the million small rocks we have around, clean them, pour cement, put the rock over the cement, and once it's dry, cover with a clear coat to make it smooth and easy to clean.  

We have the garden plot lined out for next year and are spending from now until planting season building it up with compost, horse and goat poop, old hay and animal bedding, paper, feed bags (made of paper), etc.  Paper and feed bags break down.  It is a decent sized area and is going to be my canning garden.  My eating garden is going to be closer to the house. 

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Kristi said...

I love the idea for your floor! In my next home (hopefully our forever home) I want to do a tinted concrete floor with coffee beans on top with clear sealer over the top. I almost like the rock idea better though!