Monday, August 8, 2011

Troll Speaks Again

You ought to find a safer source of protein. Yet again, you and your husband are taking silly stupid risks with your children and you own health. As if being obese and attempting to be a 'pioneer' isn't enough, now you are eating unsafe foods?
When are you going to come to your right mind? How are you going to deal with this mess you have made when you are a widow and how would your husband deal with all of it if something happens to you? Pretending to be an "EMT" does and and will not prepare you for that day. I know of what I speak.
For your children's sake, wake up.

When eating wild rabbit or squirrel meat, you should be aware that there are some dangers.

Rabbits and squirrels can ingest the tapeworm eggs that are present in dog feces. These eggs can hatch inside the animal and the larvae can migrate to all parts of the animal's body, within the tissues. If eaten in this state the infection can be passed onto a human. The tissue of the animal should be inspected thoroughly before consumption, and the signs to look out for include a bad smell, discoloration and the appearance of abscesses. Parasites can also be present on any wild animal. The entire body of the animal, both internal and external, should be checked prior to consumption, with particular focus on the kidneys, liver and muscle tissue.

A common disease in rabbits is tularemia. This affects the eyes of the rabbit and can be passed onto humans if the rabbit is not cooked properly. The bacteria are killed during the cooking process, and the most common cause of the disease being passed onto humans is when the animal is butchered without gloves.

Squirrels carry prions, which are infectious particles in their bones and their brain. The brain of a squirrel should never be eaten as cooking will not entirely destroy the prions. Prions are similar to the infection that causes mad cow disease. The rest of the squirrel can be eaten but should be cooked thoroughly prior to consumption. 

Because grocery store meat is so much safer.  How many recalls (well after consumption) have there been?  Troll is also assuming we know nothing about eating wild game.  She knows so much but hides behind the anonymity of the internet.  (She also seems to be working under the assumption that we eat our meat raw and that we are still categorized as obese and that I am pretending to be an EMT.)

For clarification purposes:
1.  I am not an EMT.  I am an Emergency Medical Responder.  (AKA First Responder.)  There is a difference.  I don't do IVs or slice open a person's throat.  (I know how, but that is outside my scope of practice.)
2.  I wear gloves when I butcher an animal.  So does Husband.  It does not matter if it is wild game or an animal we have raised.
3.  For all the fear mongering that Troll has thrown out there, wild game is safer than what you get in a grocery store that has gone through an assembly line slaughter house or raised in confined feed lots.  

I decided to allow for Troll's comment because there is a speck of truth to what she said.  Wild animals do carry parasites, gloves should be worn when butchering (and every single person I have ever met who butchers their own animals do wear gloves, but just in case someone doesn't...) and if an animal appears sick, smells bad, etc (most hunters know what to look for) don't eat it.

As for the rest of what Troll has said, she can bite me for all I care.  Why she continues to read here when she has no respect for me or my family, I will never know.  However, she is all knowing and is just continuing to read so she can have something to gossip about.
As for being pioneers, I have to laugh at that.  I don't think the pioneers had solar panels, played Black Hawk Down, or had a Wii fit.  I'll double check that when we get around to visiting the Little House museum.  In the meantime, I am going to prepare for the outhouse races coming up next month.


Amy said...

LOL... 'I'll double check that when we get around to visiting the Little House museum.' That made me laugh! :)

Michelle said...

Who are these people? From where do they come?

Complete philosophical agreement is unnecessary to read and enjoy this blog, as I am living proof.

Honestly, if he or she finds your (quite reasonable) lifestyle so offensive, why keep reading?

This troll comment is so infuriating I just had to come out of the woodwork and comment!

Mrs. Hoppes said...

Amy - Always glad I can make people laugh.

Michelle - Don't you know you must agree with me 100% or horrible things will happen? Oh, wait. That's not me. That's troll.

I do appreciate the comment and support. It makes me smile and feel good.

As I had mentioned in my post, I allowed for the comment because of the small grain of truth. Most people who hunt know to not eat sick animals. (Too bad the USDA inspectors and major slaughter house operations don't.) Most hunters know to wear gloves when field dressing or butchering. But just in case there was that one lone individual who didn't, I allowed the comment through.

I also allowed the comment through for more selfish reasons. I needed a good eye roll and felt like showing off stupidity. Some people just can't seem to help but show off how stupid they are. This is the same person (among the same group of people) that think "vegetable platter" means I am only feeding my children raw celery sticks when in fact it is carrots, celery (with peanut butter and raisins), eggplant, cucumber, zucchini, summer squash, cheese, and crackers. Basically, a summer bumper crop with cheese and crackers to round it out. But my children don't eat healthy.

Again, some people can't help showing off their ignorance or stupidity.

Charlotte said...

Apparently, I should have died years ago. I have eaten squirrel since before birth. I ate game meat before, during and after giving birth. My children were raised on it as are their children. Be aware, be safe but by all means don't go hungry.

I don't always agree with everything the Hoppes are doing but because I live in America, I respect their right to do it.