Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rant Over

So, my rant from earlier is over.  I am going to hold off on ranting about the 120* heat.  It is supposed to cool off to 100* later this week.  I am not going to rant about how nothing is getting done because it is too hot to work.

Plants are dead or dying.  However, I do have one small tomato.  I am going to save the seeds from it since it seems to be drought resistant.  The rest of the plants are not doing well at all.  (Actually, the tomato plant that has the one small tomato isn't doing well either.)  Even my cotton plants are shriveled up.

The water tank for the animals sprung a leak so the 275 gallons we put in it last night all ran out on the ground.  I was not happy when I saw that this morning.  So, we need to haul an extra tank of water to fill it back up once the leak is fixed.  We have a temporary fix right now, but a more permanent fix will need to be done once the heat wave breaks.

Sky is doing very well in is new home.  He has quickly figured out that Casey is the matriarch and is his superior.  She eats first.  She drinks first.  She gets scratched and pet first.  She will push him out of the way to make sure this happens.

Yesterday, bills got paid and while I was doing that, Husband and Charlie did electrical work on one of the firetrucks.  I am proud of them for their work and very impressed with Charlie for his ability to focus and with how quickly he learns.

Today, the heat is very bad and tomorrow it is going to be very bad.  Husband is showing signs of heat related issues.  I wish he would stay home tonight, but he wants to go to the fire department meeting.  I understand his reasoning for wanting to go.  I know he needs to be there.  I just hope he recovers some before going.  And yes, I will be going with him.

Anyway, I need to get our stuff together and make sure that when we go to leave that the only thing Husband needs to do is get in the truck and everything else has been taken care of.

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