Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Politically Incorrect

There is some hoopla about how there were a couple of lesbians who rescued some campers during the shooting in Norway.  My opinion:  Who the hell cares!  Congratulations!  You're lesbians!  Who the hell cares?  I don't give two hoots what you do in the bedroom. 

Gay, straight, bi, swingers, bdsm, whatever gets your rocks off, your sex life should not come into something like this.  If there were a big deal about two guys or a heterosexual couple doing the same thing, focusing on their sexual orientation would be just as annoying.

Am I supposed to bow down and kiss their butts because they happen to be lesbian?  What if there were a headline that read "D/s couple saved a bunch of kids from a crazed gunman."  Again, who the hell cares?

When are we going to get past the whole shoving your sexual orientation in my face and because it is same sex I should be even more amazed at anything you do?  You're a married couple?  Great!  Hold hands in the photo-op but don't make your sex life the headline. 

Or better yet, have it be an equal opportunity program.

"Heterosexual couple saves lives today!"
"Heterosexual firefighter ran into a burning building."
"Straight Pride Parade This Weekend!"
"Straight cop arrests straight man in armed robbery case."
"Brawl breaks out at a straight bar."
"Heterosexual woman tackles potential rapist saving the life of a heterosexual teen-age runaway."

See how ridiculous this all is?  Who the hell cares what their sexual orientation is?

Lesbian or not, kudos to your bravery.  The fact that you are a lesbian has nothing to do with it.  Keep it out of the headlines.  It has nothing to do with what you did.


ravinlunachick said...

I'm pretty sure the "hoopla" happened due to the fact that their story *wasn't* told in the US. Given the way we like a good Hero story, it stands to reason that their sexuality is what kept it from being told.

I think the media generally does a fair job of including relevant details. You don't usually see, "Black Man robs White Family" as a headline, even if it's true. But you might see, "Gay Man Beaten at Nightclub" if his sexuality was the reason for the attack.

And I haven't forgotten that I am supposed to call you. Eventually, I'll get right on that! ;)

Anonymous said...

is the rapist gay, straight, or bi? :)

Anonymous said...

Was the rapist gay, straight or bi? LOL

Amy said...

LOL... that post made me laugh so hard! :) Because you are so right!! Who the hell cares?!?

Mrs. Hoppes said...

Luna - While that may be the case, it is still wrong. Not being told because of their sexuality is just as wrong as making their sexuality the focus of the story.

Michelle - The rapist was transgender. ;)

Amy - Glad I could make you laugh. Give your perfect angels who never do anything wrong a kiss for me. :)