Thursday, August 4, 2011

Amazing Laundry

Ok, so laundry itself is not amazing.  What is amazing (besides the stuff I found myself washing) is what else happened yesterday.

As for what I found myself washing, I am not really surprised, but more like baffled.  Yesterday, a friend of mine was telling me that on her back porch, the temperature was 121*.  I believe it.  When the weather people talk about it being 106*, they are talking north of us.  They are not talking about right here.  With the temperatures in mind, (and the fact that I am doing laundry with a bunch of other people so all the machines are going in a place with zero air conditioning) I am coming across a scarf, thermal underwear, long sleeved shirts, etc.  WHY AM I WASHING WINTER CLOTHING?

Other things that happened yesterday.  First of all, I slept through a 1:00am phone call from the police.  Apparently, Tuesday night I was so tired after fire training that I left my wallet in the bed of the pick up and it slid out.  It got ran over multiple times.  One of the officers found it on his way home.  I now need another wallet. 

I called him back to verify that it was mine and ended up waking him up.  (Sorry!)  I stop by his house on the way to the laundromat and get it and get a glimpse of his corral.  I want a closer look so I need to find out when he is off so I can take a look around.

After that, I stop by a friend's house who carries my soap on commission and grabbed a couple of bars to fill an order.  (It has been way too hot to make soap.  Not just because soap is a heat generating process, but because it won't set in these temperatures.)  She has been keeping the soaps in the fridge because they've been getting soft in the heat.  As a result, I need to print off new labels.  No big deal.  I think I actually have some labels around.  The soap itself is fine, but the label is kind of worn from going in and out of the fridge. 

After that, I head to the post office to ship the soaps and discover that I really should have brought a shoe box.  The little flat rate box was too small.  The next size up was too big.  So I filled the extra space with newspaper and sent it on its way.

Then, I go to the bank and get money for the laundromat and explain what happened about my wallet and the fact that my bank card has a nice bend in it.  (As does my license, DOD ID, fire fighter ID, medicine woman ID, etc.)  So, she put in for a replacement for me and we both had good humor about it.  (Thank you, God for small communities!)
Finally, I make it to the laundromat.  I get the laundry going and turn to the soda machine and am greeted with horror.  My Diet Coke has been replaced by water!  If I want water, there is a sink!  I want my Diet Coke!  But, no amount of scolding the machine would make it go back to its Diet Coke supply.  So, I end up drinking Dr. Pepper.

Finally finishing up at the laundromat, I call Whispering Pines.  I had talked to the before about the possibility of renting one of their cabins as an office for Soul Haven.  I was supposed to see them the previous day, but we had water and water tank issues with the animals.  So I finally get to see them and talk with them and they are fully supportive of Soul Haven and SOUL HAVEN NOW HAS A PUBLIC OFFICE!

I called the volunteers and shared the news with them and we will be working out a schedule to have the office open on week days so people can come, get information on domestic and sexual violence, meet with people to do public awareness events, etc.  Being what it is, if there is a middle of the night crisis call (actually, I should say when) there is a place we can bring them where they can get cleaned up and get some sleep while phone calls are being made.  (For sexual assault, this would be after a hospital visit of course.)

I am very excited by this and the potential means that Soul Haven can do so much more. 

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