Saturday, August 6, 2011

Almost done

First Responder class is almost done.  I have two more weeks and then it's done.  For three years.  Then I get to go through this again.  I am excited to have the class finally done.  On the other hand, I don't do well on tests.  So, I'm a bit nervous about the final exam.  Some answers don't make sense to me.  "What do you do with a child who is not nauseous or vomiting, but is dehydrated."  Fluid would be the obvious answer.  But, it is wrong.  The correct answer is O2.  If it's any consolation, the instructor (who is a doctor) disagrees with the book on that.

Yesterday, I spent the day at home with nothing scheduled on my part.  Husband spent time at the fire department working on a couple of trucks with one of the other fire fighters.  I got a bit done around here, but it doesn't look it.  Everything is a mess again.  Such is the life with children.

We got a couple of round bales of hay and got a good deal on square bales.  In a few weeks, we'll be picking up and stocking the hay for the winter.  We'll have 100 square bales to last us all winter!  YAY!  I had posted on Craigslist that I needed hay.  My regular guy was out.  I got a couple of replies and one of them was fairly close to us.  So, we met and I got two round bales and he is holding 100 square for us.

We went to a few yardsales today and I found three dresses for Bethany and a skirt and dress for Hannah.  There were some power tools that Husband found that work.  One of the tools he found is a craftsman steel drill, another is a bosch reciprocating saw and the other hand held power tool is a makitta (sp?) circular saw.  All but the circular saw works and the circular saw is an easy fix.  He got all three for $5.00.  Darn good deal. 

Charlie is cooking dinner tonight.  Mac and cheese with hot dogs and peas mixed in.  Healthy?  Nope.  But, he wants to cook and it's cook's choice. 

Not much else is going on here.  I am still super excited about the Soul Haven having an office.  I will be working on Tuesday with one of the volunteers to get the office set up.

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