Saturday, July 2, 2011

Good Deals

We got an 80 watt solar panel yesterday for a really good price.  We went and spoke with the people and got to see how they work them in their home.  We also got a solar charge controller.  I also found a canner at a yardsale  for $10.00.  It has a clamp on lid like mine and does not require a gasket also like mine.  I also found a couple of loaf pans that will work very well in my wood cook stove which means I can start baking quick breads again.  I missed that this last winter.

The other neat news is we stopped at a family farm stand in a small town we passed through to pick up the solar panel.  We decided to wait until we were on our way home so that any produce we would get would not wilt.

THEY GROW BANANA TREES!  We are now talking about how to feasibly grow a couple of banana trees.  We will need a greenhouse for winter time.  I also picked up some "birdhouse gourd" plants which will store well during winter.  (The gourds once they grow.)  I got four cells and each cell had 4-5 plants in each.  I also picked up a small basket of mixed produce.  ("This basket is just stuff I dropped" was his explanation of why half a dozen tomatoes, several bell peppers, summer squash, and zucchini were all in there for $2.00.)  I was talking about our soap and the lady asked me about loofah.  I had grown it in Indiana, then the tornado hit before it had a chance to produce.  So, they gave me a peeled loofah, an unpeeled loofah, and loofah seeds.  I am wandering around their place basically drooling over the variety of plants, herbs, and everything else.  Then I come across cotton.  Cotton plants!  I have too keep verbally reminding myself "food for my family first."  They have a wide variety of mint (soaps!) menthol plants (medicine!) textile plants, and on and on and on.  The guy (as I'm picking out the gourd plants at $0.50 per cell) tells me to take a cotton plant and I look at him.  "Really?"  I try and fail at keeping the excitement out of my voice.  "Well, grab two just in case."

So, four cells of gourd plants with close to a total of 20 plants, peeled and unpeeled loofahs, loofah seeds, a basket of mixed produce, and two cotton plants.  Grand total:  $3.00.  He told me and I just looked at him and he repeated himself.  He refused to take more.  Yeah, we're going back.

Bills also got paid yesterday with the exception of having to go to Yellville.  Husband's plates are up for renewal this month so we will take care of land payment and plates at the same time.

Tonight will be fireworks.  All the fire fighters are meeting at the firehouse a couple of hours before the start of the display to make sure everyone is organized. 

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