Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just about done

A few more posts and the gate is all that is needed and the fenced in area is done.  I am so thankful.  This will be so good for the animals, especially Casey.  It's hard work and it's taken a while, but we've done it.  Even in a heat advisory.

Yesterday was farmers' market.  It went ok.  While we don't get the traffic that we had become accustomed to in Indiana, we are still selling soap.  The main reason for lack of traffic is lack of population.  Those that are here have already bought soap and will buy more when they use up what they've bought.  The good news (for the customer) is that the soap lasts a while.  The bad news (for us) is that the soap lasts a while.

Last night, we taught someone how to can.  He canned a goat and decided he most definitely needs a turkey fryer type set up to do summer canning.  He has an outdoor kitchen set up as well, but his side burner on his propane grill would never support the weight of a canner filled with water, glass jars, and food.  So, we went inside to do the canning.

The night before, there was a meeting of Well Fed Neighbors Alliance meeting and unveiled was a new co-op called Ozark Outlanders Cooperative.  Local farmers bring their produce to the grocery store where it is sold.  There will be weekly meetings for a while which will taper off to every other week.  But farmers are already lined up and ready to sell.  Cattle are raised here, sent to Kansas City for butchering, then shipped all over the place and what is in our stores come from other areas at a huge mark-up.  Cut out the diesel.  Set up a local processing plant.  There will be a chart showing what farmers are growing and what needs to be grown.  This area until around 70 years ago was not only self-sustaining, but also provided for other areas.  We are no longer self-sustaining, but we will be again.  It is no where near as complicated as people make it out to be.  To get around USDA guidelines, you can't sell (individually) over a certain amount.  But, if multiple farmers are selling, that is not an issue.  (With the exception of the eggs.)  Also, we can look at the wall and say "Hey!  ____ grows and sells xyz.  I need xyz, but have no money.  I have abc.  I'll give him a call."  I'm getting 10 bags of wheat, 50# each for $8.00 a bag.  Try finding a better deal.  No chemicals and not cleaned.  I will have to clean the chaff myself, but dumping a bag on a sheet on a slightly windy day will take care of that.  And, the chaff the chickens will eat.

Tuesday afternoon (I've been a bit busy) was the local La Leche League meeting and I took a few minutes to talk with the bartender (yes, this sentence makes sense) about Soul Haven and she is not only going to keep information behind the bar, but also give me a call if there are situations that come up.

I think I'm caught up now.

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