Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cheap! Cheep!

We went to a trade gathering today.  It is a monthly event and I am very excited about it.  It was my first time going and I am going to have to bring my soaps next time.

We picked up our wheat order while there and got 400# for $80.00.  I need to get a hold of the farmer directly so I can talk with him.  It's a holiday week-end so I am going to wait before I call him back.  Anyway, I am very happy to have my wheat.  I am very happy to have made the contact that I did and be able to have faces to go with the names that will take forever to remember.

We get home with our wheat and see a mess.  The goats had knocked over the trash and it was a disaster area in front of the house.  Sighing, I send the children to pick up the trash as we start unloading the wheat when I hear one of the children yell out "We got a chick!"

I look over and sure enough, under the steps there are two baby chicks.  My focus shifts from unload wheat to set up something for the chicks.  As I head towards the house, I see the momma hen.  She had disappeared for a while then I saw her behind the house the other day.  So I knew she hadn't been wild animal food.  I just figure she had been hiding like the other hens had been until we caged the six roosters we're going to butcher.  We got them caged and the hens came out of hiding.  There were too many roosters to the number of hens we have.

So, I didn't think anything more about not seeing her for a while then her showing up.  However, she is apparently our broody hen.  Not surprising given her breed.  She's a silkie.

So, I send the children under the house and under the stairs to gather the chicks and the momma.  After much scrambling, laughing, teasing, and gentle grabbing, we finally got them.  The final total is 10 chicks.  I'll sex them later.

Life on a farm/homestead/ranch/whatever you want to call us is never dull.  However, when there is new life and unexpected life, it is the most exciting.

And yes, the trash did eventually get finished being cleaned up and the wheat did eventually get finished being brought in.

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