Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We've started dumping cedar chips around the front of the house and will eventually go all the way around.  We want a nice thick layer.  The cedar we get for free from a local lumber yard.  Anyone can go at anytime and take all they want.  You load it yourself and "watch out for the forklifts."  This is also the area where we are setting up the outdoor kitchen.  And yes, those are groceries that still need put away on the steps there.  That water tank feeds directly into the house.  No going outside to fill up 5 gallon buckets like when we first set it up.

There has been a lot of flooding due to the dams releasing water to help relieve pressure.  As a result, the shore line is up about a mile from where it usually is.  So, we did our fishing lessons in what would normally be a dirt road.  We did an excellent job fishing in the trees and catching limbs.  It was fun and funny.

To give an idea of how high the water got.  (It actually got a few inches higher than this, but the water has since been very slowly going down.)

Power line underwater.

We were over a friend's house and outside there was a double rainbow.  It was beautiful.

Husband had fun with one of our pictures pointing out some of the off grid "green" aspects of our life.  The back there is where we are adding on our bedroom.  We will be giving Charlie our room while we take the add-on.  This will keep the children closest to the heat source in the winter.  And (adult selfish speaking) we won't have any children above us.

There was a shoot in town recently.  This is the outdoor shooting range.  To give an idea, Husband took this picture from the side of the road.

Our table at the local farmers' market.  This was taken a couple of months ago which is why the jackets.

I thought I uploaded pictures of our livingroom extension, but I can't find them.  I must have made a mental note to do so and never actually got around to it.

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