Monday, June 13, 2011


My son has allergies.  Well, allergy.  Come to find out, he is allergic to a medication that he has taken no problem before.  He is allergic to Keflex.  I don't know if it is because it's a generic or if there was something wrong with this lot or what.  Either way, he is never getting Keflex or any of its generics ever again as long as I have a say.

The appointment itself was long because we were a walk-in.  As you probably know from yesterday's post, I was going back and forth in my mind what it could be.  Allergies?  Measles?  Something else?  The first reaction to seeing the rash was "Drug rash."  And while I would have readily agreed with that if we hadn't gone the Benadryl route as well as having stopped the medication two days previous, the nurse kept talking about sun exposure and the rash.  She did not listen to the fact that the legs (not only do the females not wear pants, the males do not wear shorts) and the soles of the feet also have a rash.  Plus, that does not explain the watery diarrhea or the fever (yet), or the head-aches, or the fact that his vision went black earlier.  If it is drug (and it is) great.  We have a diagnosis.  But don't get tunnel vision to other possibilities.

But, we have our answers and for his gut, we'll be doing garlic and yogurt which the NP is all for.  As a side note, I am not allowed to see my son when he is getting looked at in his underwear.  He is too big and I'm just his mommy.  He wanted me to leave.  Little stinker is getting big.

We have lots and lots and lots of milk.  We're getting over two gallons a day.  Anyone want milk?  I should be making cheese and yogurt and ice-cream, but I have not had the time.  Maybe I'll make ice-cream later this week.  Bethany will enjoy that.

The girls were getting underfoot earlier and I was telling them to go outside and play.  Hannah says "I know what game we can play!"  I holler out "So do I!  It's called 'Obedient Children!'"  Hannah replies "No.  Not that.  Something else."  I had to stifle a laugh.

We heard four wheelers this evening so Husband saddled up Casey to go check it out.  He didn't find anything so it is most likely an adjoining property with seasonals or vacationers.  As long as they respect the property lines, I don't care.  We had a few problems last year, but it was our first year.  This is our second summer and they know we're here.

I was just sitting here reflecting and I am definitely happy here.  I am very content and at peace living here.  The work is hard, but it is very rewarding.  With the help of God, we have accomplished a lot.  We still have a lot more to do, but it will get done.  I am thankful that we found this place.  (Actually, I should say Husband found this place.)  I love it and I'm glad we're here.

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