Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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It appears they get ill with some rather serious issues. Do you have access to 911 service quickly? I know you claim you and your husband have some medical training, however, having the real training and ability to take care of a issue when it is your family is a bit different.
Thank you for posting pictures. Can you post more? The inside of your home? I am curious how you live.

What serious issues?  High glucose levels?  Scary, yes.  But having a diabetic husband, I know how to handle it.  Charlie being sick?  Charlie vomiting?  I take him to the doctor and find out he is allergic to an antibiotic he has had before.  We go back to the doctor and doing what I did (stopping it at first suspicion followed by regular doses of Benadryl) was the right thing to do.  Blood work confirmed everything.

Medical training:  I am half way through my emergency medical first responder training.  When someone calls 911 requesting medical services, I will be the one who responds.  I will be the 911 responder.  The person doing the training is not only a first responder himself, but is also a medical doctor.  He is also assistant chief with the fire department.  This also means I have his home phone number, cell number, and can communicate with him on the fire radio.  He also lives close by relatively speaking.  Is that sufficient enough?

Are you really curious or is it judgmental curiosity?  I'm beginning to wonder.  Do you want blue prints of the inside of my home?  All you have to do is read my blog and you know exactly how I live.  You know my thoughts, my feelings, my hopes, my fears, the day to day grind, the highs, the lows, the exciting news, the frustrating moments and everything in between.

I don't mind posting pictures when asked.  I know I mean to post them more often because of this adventure we are on called life.  However, when that request comes with an opportunity to questions every detail of my life (again, genuine questions don't bother me) then I get suspicious.  Why are you "curious?"  Why do you want to see specifically the inside of my home?


Mrs. Hoppes said...

I should have known. "Anonymous" is our friend from Eugene Oregon. I should have looked before taking my time to reply. No genuine curiosity. Rather fodder for gossip for her own boring life.

ravinlunachick said...

Sorry about the odd questioning, but don't let that deter you from posting pics! I am the curious sort by nature, and I like seeing if the picture in my head matches reality. :). BTW, I never heard back from email....did you get that Bird Book info I sent you a while back?

Mrs. Hoppes said...

No I didn't. :( It's good to hear from you. :) Give me a call some time. And yes, I am posting it here since my phone number is listed publicly anyway. :)

(417) 712-3231

Anonymous said...

I asked to post pics because I am curious.No ill intent or anything bad coming your way. just curious to see how you live.I disagree that you are prepared for a serious medical emergency.You and your husband are overweight, and not in great health. Personally I feel you are taking risks you should not...thanks for taking time to answer my questions and posting. Looking forward to seeing more.