Sunday, June 12, 2011


I don't know why I'm tired.  I've been taking my levothyroxine.  (As an amusing side note, spell check does not recognize the spelling of my medication and one of the suggested corrections was outrageousness.  I can see the similarities.)  Anyway, I have been going over page after page after page on the computer trying to put together pamphlets and information packets.  My eyes are crossed at this point.  I texted a friend stating that with all the numbers, facts, statistics, and stories going through my head, I am thinking all men on the planet over the age of 10 need to go.  Then I relented and allowed for her husband and my husband to continue to stay.

There are good, decent men in the world and they do outnumber the bad.  But I was surrounded by the bad stories for a few hours too long.  So, I took a break and did some mindless stuff.

I have also been researching Charlie's rash and fever.  Yeah, his fever is back and it is high again and he has a rash to go with it.  We were thinking the rash might have been an allergic reaction to his antibiotic, but two thoughts came to me.  One is that  rash would have appeared sooner.  But, given that if there is a mild allergy and each exposure makes for a bigger reaction, then it might have been delayed.  Two is if it were a reaction, the lack of antibiotic today (we withheld just in case) combined with Benadryl would have made the rash at the very least lighten.)

The rash is even on his palms and his feet.  It's on his face, neck, arms, and is spreading towards his trunk.  It looks like measles, but what is making me think it's not is the lack of symptoms in the mouth.  It's viral whatever it is.  So, clinic tomorrow.  I am sure our NP misses us.  After all, it's been almost a full week since our NP last saw us.

If it is measles, then I am going from feeling really bad to feeling like the worst person in the world.  Not because I don't vaccinate, but because I know vaccinations are not 100% and I exposed someone else's children to this.  As a general rule, I keep my children home when they are sick.  I thought Charlie was fine when I took him with me yesterday.  He looked fine, acted fine, had no fever, was eating, and was playing.  He was a 9 year old healthy boy.  And before my eyes, I watched him go from playing to feeling a bit off to wanting to lay down in a restaurant.  He had a fever by the time we got home.  I sent a text to the mom to let her know that Charlie had a fever so she can keep an eye on her children and know what to watch for.  Once I know more, I'll let her know.

Anyway, I gotta go.  It's milking time and one of the goats is being a pain about going in and getting milked.  If she doesn't want to get milked, that's fine.  But she does need to go in for her own safety.

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