Sunday, June 12, 2011


Husband and I were watching Patriot Games last night.  (Yes, I know the movie veered from the book quite a bit, but that beside the point.)  The children were all snuggled in their beds sleeping.  Theoretically.

Movie ends, we head to bed and on the floor by the door of our bedroom are a few locks of hair.  I recognize the owner immediately.

Immediately out of Bethany's mouth and she's scrambling down the ladder, "Hannah did it.  I didn't ask her to.  She made me."
From Hannah:  "No.  She asked me to."
Bethany comes in full view.  I gasp and have to turn away.

When Husband gets a look, he just about cries.

My back still turned on Bethany so I can remain calm, not go into full nuclear melt-down, or burst into tears, or start screaming like a maniac (I am actually at the silent anger) I call Hannah down and tell her to bring me the scissors.

She brings them to me, tells me that Bethany cut her hair too (I look and there are only a few locks missing, very easy to hide) and take the scissors.

The scissors are the ones I bought them that were supposed to cut only paper.  Not hair, not skin, not clothes.  Just paper.  I tested a pair when I bought the three pairs.  I even made sure they were ambidextrous.

I took a look at Bethany this morning and I'm still angry and sad.  Why she did this, I don't know.  She had been getting braids and pony tails put in her hair and all kinds of "pretties" for her hair that she likes.

Even when children are quietly sleeping, they still get into trouble.  I am sure 1,000 years from now I will laugh about this.

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Connie Smiley said...

Made me laugh, and it didn't take any time at all!