Saturday, June 11, 2011

Long Drive Good Meeting

I had a wonderful meeting today and got a lot of wonderful ideas to help the organization.  Although a 70 mile one way trip, it is well worth it.  I am thankful for the feedback, insight, and inspiration I receive from her.

I brought Charlie with me and he still isn't right.  He didn't eat much (we met at Ryan's) and ended up asking to lay down in the booth.  I'm going to call the clinic on Monday and get him seen again.

I called up an acquaintance earlier today on the drive there.  We had met at the laundromat a few months back.  Being a fellow homeschool mom, we exchanged numbers.  I'm going to meet up with her on Thursday.  She was saying that her children had been asking to see our children.  They remembered that our laundry day was Monday.  (We've since changed that.)  They would ask incessantly to go there to see my children.  My children do the same thing so I had to laugh about that.

Life is still going on and with the exception of meetings, I am currently able to do all my work from home.  The meetings themselves, I am usually able to have a child or two with me.

There really isn't much else going on.  Just normal day to day stuff.  The children get baths at night and wake up in the morning covered in dirt.  (Ok, not really.  They usually wait five minutes before getting themselves covered.)  Basically, same stuff different day.

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