Monday, June 27, 2011

No Fence Work Today

Instead, Husband needed a recovery day.  Putting up fencing is hard work and takes its toll on him.  This is one of those things I was talking about the other day where I want to keep going, but need to wait.  I don't mind because I know that things will get done.  I just need to remind myself that my schedule is not the set schedule.

Today was spent on soaps.  Pulling them from molds and cutting them.  Packaging others in preparation of Wednesday.  We also did a trash burn and a "dump run" of our non-burnable trash.  We also put our propane fridge upside down on the back of the truck to shake it up.  Tomorrow, we will try to get it working again.

We have also instituted the three strike rule with our children.  Tired of yelling and repeating myself constantly and being tuned out, we sat the children down and had a little talk over breakfast.  We discussed the new schedule that has the lighter school schedule (math and writing with bits of science and history rather than a full on schedule of winter months) along with once a day milking (we are getting so much milk that the dogs think milking time is their own personal treat time since we're having to dump milk and they drink it up greedily and happily) and wood gathering is a one hour a day event instead of the normal two due to the summer heat and used the opportunity to talk about the new guidelines.  (That is the longest sentence I ever wrote.)

Basically, the premise is is focused on family movie time.  Three marks and no movie.  Arguments over schoolwork, not collecting wood, and fighting/being mean to each other will get marks.  Three marks and bed without a movie.  Since movie time is the big thing, this will hopefully work.  As it stands right now, each child has two marks and movie time is in 30 minutes.

Tomorrow is the monthly La Leche League meeting and I doubt anyone will show up.  I am ready to throw the towel in on the meetings.  People will call for help, but they won't go to meetings.  It is still a "hidden at home" thing and not an in public thing.  Oh, well.  One thing at a time.

We've also been working on the Soul Haven website again and got some format issues worked out.  I keep trying to pass on the job of director to someone else, but no one will take it.

I got a phone call today from UPS or Fed Ex or whomever saying there is a package for me from Westfield, MA.  I told them to deliver to the hardware store.  I have no clue what it is.  The guy was calling from Atlanta, GA.  So, I guess in a few days there will be something for me in town.  He had said they tried to deliver to the post office, but the post office does not accept packages.  He tried to find a way to deliver here, but it's not going to happen.
"Well, what about a neighbor?"
"The nearest neighbor is in the same boat."
"What is the name of your town?"
"We don't have a town.  The nearest town is ____ and the hardware store accepts deliveries for people."
"____ is the nearest town?  You don't have a street address?"
"Correct.  There is no street address.  ____ is the nearest town.  Deliver to the hardware store.  My husband's medications from the VA go there."

I think I confused him.  But, it's normal life here.  The people at the hardware store are wonderful and have actually take the time in the middle of winter to deliver packages to people who couldn't get out.  They have not had to do that with us and they keep a fridge for medications that arrive that require refrigeration.

So, in a few days, I will find out what this mystery package is.

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