Sunday, June 26, 2011


People visit my blog.  Granted, I don't have the traffic that say Wyatt does or many other people.  Most people find my blog through searches for other things.  They either continue to visit finding my life fascinating (or a horrifying train wreck that they can't seem to pry themselves away from) or they go about their business never to see me again.  (Until the next time they start searching for sawdust toilets or milking goats or picking blueberries or embedded ticks or sun sickness or pigs or Deputy Shane Charles or _____.)

So, where do these people come from besides the good old USofA?Singapore, Canada, India, United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Mongolia, Germany, Denmark, Indonesia.

Mongolia?  Really?  (Our guest who was researching sun sickness as it turns out.)
Singapore?  We have a few visitors from there amazingly enough.
I know who visits me from Canada.  (Waves.)  And I know she is not the only one.

It really is amazing and humbling that people from all over the world, no matter how many or how few, have not just hit upon my blog but have taken the time to read it.  I am sure many of them think to themselves that they just wasted however many minutes that they will never see again.  But it is still amazing.

Back to the farm/ranch/homestead or whatever you want to call it.  We have two sides of the fence done.  The other two sides will be done tomorrow.  After that, we will get the gate up, put some support posts in, get a round bale, get the water tank set up with a water trough, and the animals put in.  The area is going to be for the horse, the non-milkers, and the male.  We are drying up a couple of milkers.  We were hoping for a fall kidding season, but it looks like it will be a winter kidding season.  (CRUD!)  However, this will give us year round milk.

I am really excited about this pasture.  The deadwood is enough for winter heat and a couple months of cooking.  With the deadwood being pulled out and cut, the area is looking nicer and nicer.

Bath time for the children is soon, so I need to get things ready for them.  That and they are running in and out tattling on every little thing.  Translation, they need my undivided attention and need to be guided to more constructive activity before they get themselves in trouble.

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