Saturday, June 11, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

That is how my life has been.  Busy.  No, I have not been spending days at a time away from my family.  I have, however, been working on the soap business and a bunch of other stuff.

The livingroom is done and it looks wonderful!  I am so happy with it.  It is amazing what a difference 3-4 feet can make.  With it extended, we have room to have the futon, rocking chair, coffee table, and television.  All of our VHS tapes are on shelves now.  Things are looking great.

Up next, shelves for the 3,455,928,389 books around here.  That and the outdoor kitchen.  We have the materials, now it is just a matter of time.  After that, joining the girls' rooms to make a bigger room with a higher roof, plus adding on a bedroom.  That, we need some materials for.

Charlie is feeling better.  I think he is a bit sun sensitive right now due to the antibiotic.  He is enjoying playing outside, but is avoiding direct sunlight.  The sun hits him and he starts to feel icky again.  So, we're still keeping a close eye on him.

I've been doing a lot of computer work getting different stuff going.  I also got a bunch of soaps done and put together for a pow-wow that a friend of ours is a vendor at.  She's selling her genuine homemade Native American jewelery and selling "Genuine White Woman Goat Milk Soap" for us.  Having a drop of Indian doesn't count.  I have to be pure and braids in my hair aren't enough.  So, she sells for me at places she can vendor at and I sell her stuff for her along with my soaps when there are dual events.

Other stuff going on....  The new dog we got at the feed store is adjusting well.  He is playful and hyper and annoying just like a puppy should be.  He is learning to sit and lay down on command.  Hannah has been leash training him.

Mr. Stinky is going into rut again.  As a result, he is starting to stink again and act disgusting again.  He is a very affectionate goat and loves to be pet and rub up against you.  But when he's in rut and he stinks and sprays, his stink gets rubbed on you.

Tomorrow, I have a meeting in West Plains.  I'm trying to decide which child to take.  I'm thinking Charlie.  He's been a bit clingy lately.  It's partly due to him having been sick, but there is something else as well.  So, I'm thinking the drive there would be a good opportunity for us to talk.

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