Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Drip, drip, drip, drip

That is the sound of sweat coming off me.  Thankfully, in the event of a heat emergency, the camper does have functioning air conditioning.  So, we cleaned it up a bit and come here when the heat starts making us sick.  (Like if we are working and sweating and we stop sweating.)  We are staying hydrated as well as we can by drinking tons of water.  But it seems like we sweat it out as fast as we drink it.

We are not cooking very much because of the heat.  The down side is we are not drinking very much coffee.  While probably good for our health, it is bad for our head.  And our mood.  LOL  Husband did make a wonderful dinner last night since I was running a couple of errands and getting a couple of prescriptions filled.  He made grilled chicken, grilled potatoes, and grilled asparagus.  It was wonderful and flavorful.  There was very little left over.  Unfortunately, the girls did not care for the asparagus.  (What do they know?)  Charlie did not eat because he has been sick.

Today, he is doing better.  He helped with soaps, has eaten some, and is still taking it easy.  Up to this point, he wasn't moving off the couch except to go to the bathroom and that was an event.  He has been given antibiotics and it seems to be making the difference.  I called the clinic when Charlie was not only not wanting to be bothered, but he said he didn't want to read.  That would be like Bethany saying she didn't want to talk.  So, I called, gave the symptoms and then told them "And he said he doesn't want to read."

Today, Charlie also showed me that not only is he his own person, but he has his own tastes in music.  He was flipping through the radio stations in the van (I keep it on country) and he stopped at classical music, sat back, and listened.  He also refused to get out of the van when we stopped because he wanted to finish listening to the piece being played.  He listened to Mozart, Bach, Tchaikovsky, and who knows what else.  When we got home, he still did not want to get out and was calling the girls over to have them listen.  He enjoys classical music.  Not just playing it on the piano, but actually sitting back and listening to it.  Who is this kid and what happened to my son?  This is most certainly not my doing!

Our soaps are going to an Indian Pow-wow with a friend of ours.  She's heading to a pow-wow this week-end and is taking some of our stuff with her to sell with her stuff.  She gets 25% of sales.  Bars are $4.00 and she gets $1.00 out of that so $3.00 would be coming back to us.  Some people have tried to suggest having an increased prices when other people carry our soaps, but that doesn't seem fair to me.  If I were to go in, see some soaps, look on line and find out that I can get it directly from the manufacturer for cheaper, then why would I pay more at the store?  (Or flea market or fill in the blank place.)

I did have my first international order.  It went all the way to Canada.  I had to fill out a customs form and everything.  We do need to put on the site that the price of shipping is included for Continental US Orders and all others have to pay extra for shipping.  Learning curve there.  I never thought I would be having an international order.  (Yes, it still makes me giddy.  Thanks, L!)

There really hasn't been much else going on.  Casey went for a walk and decided to visit a stallion.  I don't think they did anything, but it did make for an interesting night of getting up every five minutes to see if she was back.  We were going to check with a couple of neighbors to see if she wandered their way because she had not come home, but a neighbor beat us too it.  She wandered into their yard and was looking longingly at their stallion when the cattle farmer saw her and put her in the corral.  He called us the next morning to see if we lost a horse.  A couple of quick descriptor questions had her as ours.  That was when he told us about the stallion.  We get there, Husband saddles her up and rides her home.  He looks good on a horse.  *drool*  I took a picture and sent it to my best friend and she texted back "Save a horse, ride a cowboy."  


wendy said...

Your family gets sick quite often. Why do you think that is? Are you going to post pictures of the home that you have built anytime soon?

Mrs. Hoppes said...

Actually, no, my family doesn't get any sicker than anyone else. If anything, they are pretty healthy. When they do get sick, it doesn't last long. They recover faster than most children I know.

Posted a few pictures just now. I couldn't find any of our livingroom extension.

Anonymous said...

It appears they get ill with some rather serious issues. Do you have access to 911 service quickly? I know you claim you and your husband have some medical training, however, having the real training and ability to take care of a issue when it is your family is a bit different.
Thank you for posting pictures. Can you post more? The inside of your home? I am curious how you live.