Friday, May 20, 2011

Talk about depressing!

I'm researching domestic violence statistics to find the most recent ones as well as domestic violence and shelter safety.  This stuff is depressing to say the least.  And, if I let myself go down that road, hopeless.  It's too much.  There's too many cases and so much death related to this subject.

In other news, my FR class went well last night even though I was late.  The reason I was late?  I was at the scene of an accident while Husband was at a fire.  Once the fire was under control, he was able to leave so he could come to the accident and get the girls.  (He had Charlie.)  I wasn't even called to the accident.  I just happened upon it and was at that point committed.  Thankfully, there were no injuries.  But the person happened to be someone I know.  So, I stayed, got her home safe, and then headed to class.  I showed up just in time for break.  We went over a few techniques and how to properly put a patient on a back board as well as various other things.  A lot gets covered in a four hour class.  This means I need to take the time to study every day.

Things have been quiet so I have been able to be home with my family.  I am really enjoying it and they are liking me being home.  However, they do know that if there is an emergency, I will have to leave at a moment's notice.  Ugh.

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