Saturday, May 21, 2011

Still Here

I guess I'm a heathen.  Either that or there was no rapture.  I don't believe in the rapture to begin with so all this hype had me quite amused.  I joked around about how I would go and abscond with other people's stuff particularly ATVs, pontoons, guns, and ammo.  It was a nice distraction from reality.  The sad part is, for many, they truly believed in this.  Bottom line is there is no rapture.  No where in the Bible will one find the word rapture.

In other news, Husband has been teaching the children how to cast so they can fish.  They have been asking to go.  Begging, really.  I am looking forward to seeing them throw their own line in the water.  I know they will enjoy it.

To change subjects, people annoy me.  I despise liars.  There were three fires in two days.  Yes, fires.  Even with how wet everything has been.  One location was lit two days in a row.  Trying to find access to it, we drove all over the place because it was in the bottom.  We went up this one road asking if there was access.  "No.  No access here.  You have to go down around that way and cross the creek.  Yadda, yadda, yadda."  There was access.  On the backside of his property.  But, he didn't want fire trucks in his driveway or along the back of his property.  it was HIS PROPERTY the fire was heading to.  But no.  He lied about access and how to get to it.  (We found out the next day when the fire restarted just how to get to it and it did not require crossing a creek and tearing up the fire trucks or our truck.)  I'm half tempted the next time there is a fire out there and it is heading up the hill through the trees to his property to let it burn.  "I'm sorry.  I thought you said there was no way to get to the fire from here.  I know we saved your home twice before, but the lack of allowable access from here prevented us from saving your home this time."  Too bad we can't do that.  Well, we can.  No one HAS to respond to a fire.  Thus the term volunteer.  But, morally, we will.  The fire fighters are above the petty "haves" and "have nots" that some people seem to have and hide behind two-facedness.  The really sad part is these people have no idea just how close the fire was to them.  They have no idea that two days in a row, there home and property was saved by the very fire fighters they denied access to.  I can tell you one thing.  I will not go in their business again if it can be helped.

Tomorrow is a board meeting for Silverleaf.  The last board meeting, not enough members showed up to have a board meeting.  Hopefully, people show up to this one.

I've been lazy these past couple of days.  I've also not felt good.  My intestines have been acting up.  They do this when there is a lot of stress.  Or, I should say, when stress that has been built up is let go.  Yes, my body is weird.

My van is in the shop.  There is a broken something underneath that is supposed to be bolted together, but isn't.  Hopefully it can be fixed without it costing an arm and a leg.

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