Monday, May 16, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I am actually home with my family.  I have been with my family for more than 24 hours straight now.  WOW!  Life with the shelter is slowing down a bit which means my family gets me back.  For this, I am thankful.

I do not, nor will I ever regret working with victims of domestic violence.  It is a job I will continue to do.  It's just nice seeing my family and snuggling with my babies.  (Yes, even Charlie is a baby.  I don't care if he is going to be nine here in a couple of weeks.)

We sold the yellow goat tonight.  It was not a sale we were intending, but these people needed a milking goat for a bottle baby goat that is small.  We have had five milkers.  We don't need that many.  So, we sold them one, gave them basic instructions, and told them to call if they needed anything or needed help with anything.  They tried to give us some dogs and cats.  No thanks.  We are interested in a single female cat to keep indoors to keep the woodland rodent population down.  But that's it.  No more.  I am going to call E and see if she can bring a kitten when she comes over on Thursday.

My children have missed me.  That's for sure.  But they know that helping people is important and know that my being gone means I've been helping people.  They know it's a domestic violence shelter, but they don't know what domestic violence it.  (Thankfully.)  They just know that people go there who are hurt and scared and I make them safe and happy.

I feel like I am a bit out of kilter with the flow of the home.  I know that tomorrow I will find the rhythm, but it is still strange feeling out of step.

Hannah just drew a picture of me and wrote my name under it.  "WOWWY"  I think she wrote her M upside down.  I also have seven fingers on one hand and four fingers on the other.  Her picture of herself has five fingers and eight fingers.  Yeah, I love being home.  :)

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