Sunday, May 22, 2011

Meeting Done

Well, the Board Meeting was tonight and we are done.  The lies, being called on lies, and the backpedaling are all too much.  One too many lies have been told by the person who owns the building and controls the money.  When confronted with evidence to his multiple lies, he back tracks and comes out with another lie.  Every advocate has turned in keys completely fed up.  As Husband was walking out, he said "I now have no advocates at all."  Well, guess what?  People get fed up with lies and broken promises pretty quickly.

I feel relieved that this part is over.  However, this guy is (locally) pretty powerful.  He used to be mayor and has strings that he can pull.  At the very least, he can make life difficult for us when we go to Gainesville for business.  Right now, I have to go there weekly for FR classes.

In other (happy) news, we taught the girls how to fish and retaught Charlie.  The water is very, very high so we were cramped on what would normally be a one lane dirt road.  We each did a very good job casting and catching.  We would cast into the trees and catch twigs and leaves.  I have some pretty good pictures that I'll post later.  (If I remember.)  Right now, there are strong storms and possible tornadoes heading our way.

We have the generator going and the children are watching a movie.  They were given a choice of what they could watch.  I just got done reading about Joplin, MO and the the same storms that spawned that twister is heading our way.  (It's actually hitting us as I type.)  Charlie decides he wants to watch Twister.  The one with Meg Ryan.  Good choice, Charlie.

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