Sunday, May 29, 2011

ER Visit

We took Bethany to the ER.  This morning, her sugar was 218.  It was also a fasting number.  I wanted to deny what I saw, but knew I couldn't.  I retested half an hour later.  Maybe I did it wrong?  Maybe she stuck her finger in a bowl of sugar and the alcohol didn't wash it off?  Maybe woodland fairies hijacked the meter and replaced it with one that gave high readings?

Regardless, with a number this high, we needed to take her in.  As we were gathering stuff up and finding a sitter for the other two, I decided to test her again.  (Still fasting.)  It read 208.  So even if it were an "off" reading, this is evidence that it wasn't too far off.  Husband even tested the meter on himself and it still fell in his normal range.  (He tested lower than Bethany.)  Plus, if the meter were reading high, then yesterdays readings should have ALL been high.

We have bowls of cereal and head out stopping first to drop off Charlie and Hannah.  We then head to the hospital where Bethany wins them over with her outgoing personality sharing every detail of our life including finding the dog at the feed store and the fact that we have cedar chips in our front yard.  (Spread.)  I have no clue where she gets this from.  I share nothing about our lives with total strangers on a daily basis.  (Was that the internet getting ready to explode?)

I lost count of the number of people asking about her giving a urine sample AFTER it had already been taken down to the lab.  I tell them someone already took it (twice) and it is down at the lab.  I even tell them who walked away with the urine.  5 minutes later, someone pops in and asks again.

We did watch Hoodwinked and some movie on the Hallmark Channel about a long lost father coming home to die.

Shortly after we got there, a finger stick was done and her level was 123.  Ok.  She was up and running and playing and active and jumping before we left and she was running and jumping in the exam room.  (This child does not stay still.)  However, this would also qualify as a two hour since this was roughly two hours after eating cheerios.

Blood was drawn.  A CBC and a CMP were done.  (Blood count and metabolic panel.)  I don't have the numbers, but was told they were normal.  Plus, there was no sugar in her urine.  (I guess they found both samples.)

While I am relieved that her body seems to have balanced itself out, I am still confused as to the fasting numbers.  I will be taking her in Tuesday morning to have her checked out.  But, she is not in danger of suffering from ketoacidosis.

I would like to thank everyone who has been praying.  Please continue to do so for this is not over yet.

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