Saturday, May 28, 2011


Ok.  Granted, yesterday was a busy day of eating out and running around.  Plus, the children did finish off Charlie's birthday dinner with a very rich chocolate cake.  However, when I tested all the children this morning, Bethany's fasting was 148.  Charlie and Hannah were fine.  Bethany was not.  What prompted me digging out the glucometer and strips was the fact that when Bethany was snuggling this morning, her breath was sweet smelling.

Looking back over the past couple weeks, I have noticed the smell on her breath, but not as strong as this morning.  (Maybe because she was nose to nose with me?)  Plus, she has been drinking a lot of water and peeing a lot.  The drinking and peeing are classic signs, but how many times have I called the doctor (and blogged about it) in the past only to have it be them being highly active or it being the middle of summer?  So, I ignored it.  After all, I am already a slightly paranoid mother.  Especially when it comes to the possibility of them being diabetic.  So I ended up ignoring signs for a couple of weeks here even though I still routinely have A1c tests done on them.  Now, Bethany did just eat half an hour ago so I will do a two hour on her and watch her all week-end.  I will be calling the clinic on Tuesday to have her checked.

I don't like this.  I do not want to have a child who is diabetic.  What gets me is I have been focused on Charlie because of the male tendency towards diabetes (and dropping dead) that I have ignored the female trend.  I didn't take into consideration the fact that Bethany and Hannah are the first female born Hoppes' in three generations.  There is no female trend to go on if there haven't been females born.  Yes, I am an idiot.

Lots and lots of prayers are needed.  While I do not want a diabetic child, I will deal with it should it be so.

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