Saturday, April 30, 2011

Working Hours

Well, I think we have a tentative working schedule which means I am now only working 72 hours a week.  I am hopefully going to have another person working one day a week which will have me 64 hours a week.  And this is just for in the office.  This does not count the hours I put in at home.

The good news is I have a more stable schedule and will be home plenty of nights for supper, movie, snuggles, and bedtime.  This makes me very happy.

In other news, the pregnant goat is still pregnant.  She is going to be pregnant forever.  As for the rest, they are amazing milkers.  The children have gotten really good at milking the goats.  The goats settle for the children and really only get frisky and start dancing when they are nearing the end.  I am really proud of the children for being able to do the milking.

I am still functioning on tired, but things are coming together.  I am able to get a bit more sleep.

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