Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden Dead

I heard about this around 1:00am.  (The goats woke us up and Husband was having a hard time getting back to sleep, so he hopped on the internet, found out and told me.)

The first words out of my mouth:  "Wow.  Obama must be desperate."

Since finding out the details (many of which seem to conflict) I am left with more questions regarding the validity of his death.  (I've often wondered about his existence, but I will get into that in a minute.)

Last Sunday, Obama theoretically gave his go ahead for Seal Team 6 to take out Bin Laden.  Bin Laden is taken out yesterday.  In the span of less than 24 hours, he is killed in a gun battle (yet none of our guys were injured), his remains were taken into custody, he has been positively identified, and he is buried at sea.  Yet, the White House refuses to release to the public evidence that this individual, who has been accused of committing the worst act of terrorism on this country, claimed responsibility for the Cole (Navy Ship), and has trained future terrorists, is dead.  What is being asked is not an unreasonable request.  People want proof that the individual responsible for the death of 3000 people in New York, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania is dead.  People want proof that the individual who dragged us into a war that has gone on for nearly a decade is dead.

Why I sometimes doubted his existence.  It seems like when the government wanted to implement some sort of control or pass some sort of law or policy that was an infringement on our basic rights or a violation of the Constitution, some new "tape" would come out with Bin Laden talking about future threats to our country.  Or "chatter" about terroristic threats picked up by anti-terrorist organizations would find its way into the news.  It always seemed a bit convenient to me.

Plus, let's look at logistics.  Here is a guy who is supposedly a brittle diabetic on the brink of renal failure living on dialysis and he escaped cave after cave after cave.  (He was "found" in a mansion this last time where he was supposedly killed.)  My husband is diabetic.  Living in a cave with no electricity and on dialysis is a bit far-fetched.

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I think he bought the farm but maybe nit as Barack Osama oops Obama says.