Thursday, April 28, 2011


I love my job.  Really I do.  I just don't love being away from my family for 36 hours straight.  However, God smiled upon me this evening and has made available another person to fill in for a few hours so I can come home and spend time with my family and (although doubtful it will happen) take a nap. 

As I am sitting here blogging, I am listening to my family putter about.  Husband is milking and Charlie is paying attention and asking questions.  "How do people understand goats?  How do goats understand people?"  Good questions.  He cares and wants to know.  He wants to learn.

Hannah is playing with the piano.  She wants to start up with lessons again.  She tried lessons before but she wasn't ready emotionally. 

Bethany is fluttering here and there starting on this then starting on that. 

The training I was supposed to do tomorrow I had to cancel due to conflict issues with other schedules and school cancellations.  I have to drive someone somewhere and this can't be put off.  So I put off the Safe At Home training until the next training session.  Unfortunately, this means waiting six months or more.

Next week starts my official First Responder training and from what I understand, it's a once a week class at night which works perfectly for me. 

Well my family is demanding my attention so I must go.

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