Monday, April 25, 2011


The rains continue.  The children have not lost their fascination with washing their hair in the rain.  I had to turn Hannah around and send her back outside in a down pour since she still had soap in her hair.  Thankfully, it isn't a cold rain.  The daytime temps have been in the 70s.  We are still keeping the barrel stove going to help dry out shoes and clothes and keep the inside dry from all the damp air.

I had to work from home today since we are now stranded.  But what better place to be stranded than in the comfort of our own home?  We have everything we need here.  We have food, water (lots and lots and lots of water), plenty of wood to burn to dry ourselves out (even if starting wet wood is annoyingly difficult), and have not experienced any power outages.  I am going to look into getting more gas cans, though.  We have to 6 gallon ones and the rest are 2 gallon ones.  I want a few more 6 gallon containers for the generator.  We haven't run out of gas for it, but I don't want to either.

All of our water tanks are full.  We filled three 275 gallon tanks in 24 hours plus two 50 gallon barrels.  It is making us want to get more tanks.  It rains like this, we put the overflow into other tanks with a gallon of bleach, and put a cap on it and we're good to go for drought season.  (Remember us not having rain for close to two months?)  One thing is for sure.  We're not going to have to haul water for the next day or two! 

All this rain did point out a couple of leaks that need to be fixed in the roof.  Not surprising since the manufacturers did not put roofing paper on the roof except for along the peak.  Elsewhere, there is none as we found out when we raised the roof in the center. 

There is a lot of work I am eager to do or see done.  Thanks to the rain, I am seeing streams and creeks that have until now been dry.  Setting up a dam, we can have small ponds in the future. 

So, although over a foot of rain is annoying, it is also showing us what we have, what is possible, and what we can do with what we have.

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