Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Day

Today is the celebration of the Resurrection of the Lord.  We spent the day talking about His greatness and how He created everything we see around us.  We discussed the Resurrection and had to have a minor talk about not "playing crucifixion."  Apparently Charlie tried to put a nail in Hannah's wrist.  No blood drawn.  No trauma except for my mental trauma as I had to say "NO PLAYING CRUCIFIXION!"  After I said it, I had yet another one of those "Did I really just tell my children that?  Shouldn't this be an obvious?"

Sigh.  I have new gray hair and a few more wrinkles now than I did before that happened.

We are still getting hammered by the storms that keep coming through.  The van is parked because of the high, rapidly running water.  The truck can make it.  The van has no hope of even trying.  It would stall and get washed away.  It's paid off.  I don't feel like trying to replace it and having to deal with new payments.

We drove around a bit and looked at the flooded areas and washed out roads.  With some of these places, if there were a fire, they'd be SOL.  There's no way anyone would be able to get to them.  Thankfully, with all the rain, the radio has remained silent.

As I type, I am hearing thunder rumbling in the distance.  We are going to get hit again. 

We have the barrel stove going.  Not because it is cold, but because everything is wet.  We're trying to keep things dry as the children run in and out.  They are having fun in the rain and as long as there is no strong wind or lightening, I'm ok with it.  They come in dripping wet, grab a snack or a drink, and head back outside. 

The goats have taken to sleeping under the house and if the horse could fit, she'd probably be under there as well.  Poor girl is stuck finding shelter in the horse trailer.  She does have it better than a lot of horses around here.  At least she has shelter.  Some don't.

One good thing about this rain.  We filled up our barrels to over flowing, filled up our 275 gallon tank, drained it into the animal tank, and we're refilling it.  We've been looking at run-offs to see where we should build a retention pond.  We have several good ideas in mind.  If we had a bulldozer or a tractor with a blade, we could do it easily with the ground being wet.  But, we don't have those so we will have to dig by hand using shovels. 

Looking up, I am seeing the mushrooms I strung up not too long ago.  They dried out, but are rehydrating because of the amount of moisture in the air.  So, a lesson learned here (a "duh" moment) is that drying on a string works very well in a dry atmosphere.  During monsoon season, it does not work as well.


Wyatt Earp said...

Good Lord! Sounds like a crown of thorns is the punishment du jour.

Cyfaill said...

No playing cruxifiction! That is hilarious, though I am sure it wasn't at the time.