Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A few more hours

A few more hours and I will be able to go home.  I came in last night and have been up since yesterday morning.  I have been here close to 24 hours now.  But, things need to get done so I am making sure they get done.

We also had tornado watches going on and one actual warning.  We had hail, rain, lightning, green sky, and what not.  I kept in contact with Husband.  I was more worried about home than I was here.  I heard over the fire radio as I was on the phone with Husband for everyone to hunker down.  That it was going to be a good one.

I miss my home.  I miss my family.  But I will be home in a bit.  I will even be able to go home early tomorrow after I come in if everything goes according to plan.  YAY!

I miss my family and I will see them soon.  I will have to be talked in most of the way home because I have had very little to eat today and have been up since yesterday morning.  The crash is coming soon.  I've been running mostly on coffee.

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Moi said...

thanks, I can read you again Mrs Hoppes. :-)