Sunday, April 17, 2011

Relaxing Day

Today is going to be a relaxing day.  Or at least it has been so far.  We slept until 8:00 and had brunch.  The children munched on apples while a platter of pancakes was being made.  I did the milking with the children's help.  They get started and I join them.  They love the "I can do this" moments and having them start with Shakala (or however that name is spelled that Bethany decided upon.)  Shakala is very gentle and easy to handle.  I head out there when she is about half done and finish her off then we get going on the other goats.  The ones that need hobbled and don't like being milked.  I hobble them and do one side while the children take turns on the other side.
The beautiful weather has my clothes dry and waiting to come in.  The umbrella clothesline is great.  I am thankful we finally got it set up.  We were able to take down most of the rest of the outdoor clothesline leaving up a small section for sheets and blankets and stuff.

More soap is going to get made today.  Husband is getting the oil from storage to do it.  I am also going to get filthy today doing planting.  I am enjoying life.  There is a contentedness today.  A peacefullness that I am embracing.

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