Thursday, March 24, 2011

What Happened?

Well, the fires have been allowed to burn themselves out.  Bulldozers came in via the Corps of Engineers to make break lines.  Some fires jumped those while others behaved themselves and stayed put.  In the end, over 1000 acres burned and three homes were destroyed. 

While this was going on long into the night, there was another blaze burning hundreds of acres on the north side of Theodosia.  The fire department was called to that and the property owners who called it in met them and told them that there was nothing back there and to let it burn.  The fire department shrugged and said ok and left.

Today, while looking at the aftermath, we are amazed at the destruction and even more amazed that nothing more than a few of our acres were burned and yet it never came near us.  Going back here into the peninsula, you would never know that there were major fires going at the same time burning homes and property.  Yet, you drive in where people forget that there are roads and people living and you see the destruction.

What started the fires is people burning trash.  One man had been arrested (most likely done to save his life) and may be facing charges.,0,5794702.story?track=rss

This story here as printed is a bit confusing as it is covering two different fires (north of Theodosia while Dugginsville is south of Theodosia) however the video is accurate.,0,3155084.story  I will say that the guy pronounces Dugginsville wrong.  It is not "DOOginsville."  It is "DUGginsville"

Closer to home, no fires have been rekindled near us, I am fighting a cold on top of allergies, and generally feel cruddy.  However, I am very thankful that I am here with my family to feel cruddy, that our home had not been destroyed, and no one called Husband away to fight other fires.  (He wouldn't have gone anyway.  Today was a definite keep family close day.  Yesterday was just too close.)

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