Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Lots and lots and lots of fire.  Or, should I say fires.  There were multiple fires on our peninsula.  There still are.  And they converged.  There are multiple fires that are out of control that have jumped across the roads.  Chief has been interviewed by the television station and when there is a clip for that, I'll link it.

Now, what has my biggest fear been out here?  Wildfires.  What is happening now?  Wildfires.  So far, we are ok.  Hundreds of acres have burned so far.  Houses have been destroyed out here on the peninsula.  Multiple stations have responded.

Even with all this going on, there have been lots of other fires as well today.  Everyone has been busy fighting fires.  I've been praying that our home remains safe.  At one point, we thought it had been destroyed.  Fire has hit our property, but our home still remains.  We are going to (for now) sleep here tonight.  The wind has laid down.  Fire departments are still out there.  They know we are here.  We have the children on the futon in case we do have to leave quick.  We are going to keep an eye on the line.  We have a "When it hits X we are leaving" mark in sight. 

In other news, we got new phones and new phone numbers.  I'll post those tomorrow when I am coherent.  I will also let everyone know how the night went. 

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