Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blog Post 666

Yes, this is blog post 666 for this blog.  When you add in Bravenet and Livejournal (my old blogs) I have no clue how many posts I have made over the past 4.5 years I've been blogging.  I just have some amusement with the fact that this is 666 for this blog.  I'm not superstitious enough to believe that some horrible thing is going to happen and the devil is going to come forth from this post.

Right now, Husband is in town with Bethany to pick up some children's ibuprofen.  Hannah has been running a fever.  It looks like it is finally coming down without the medicine, but since it did hit 105* we decided to go get some fever reducer.  What we did in the meantime was rub her feet, hands, and back with a cloth wet with rubbing alcohol.  (This is different than an actual alcohol bath that people fear.  Filling a tub with rubbing alcohol and placing a child in it is dangerous.)  I am amazed at the difference in her.  She is now talking incessantly, has perked up, and her fever is down to 101.5.  Make that 100.9  It is still going down.  Hallelujah!

Today has been pretty much a wash in terms of projects.  Hannah's sickness has forced us to take a day off.  We need to remember to take Sundays off without having one of us being sick.  A day of rest is important.  We've been commanded to take it, we should do so without being forced into it.

We have lots of projects in store for this week and I am looking forward to doing them, helping with them, and seeing them done. 

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