Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sickness hangs

Although the worst of the sickness seems to have past, there was a rebound effect that left poor Hannah with severe abdominal pain and a returning fever last night.  She was very restless last night moaning in her sleep complaining of her tummy hurting.  Thankfully, that too seems to have passed. 

Bethany has been coughing quite a bit and I am going to make sure she has honey before going to bed.  She has coughed hard enough to vomit a few times. 

I have been working on our budget and trying to get things on track and running smoothly.  Tomorrow, I will be making the final payment on the van.  CELEBRATION TIME!  We will be rolling the van payment into the truck payment next month and getting that paid off 13 - 14 months ahead of schedule.  Things that we have been talking about are becoming a reality.  I am very excited.  If things go according to plan, September of next year, we'll be making the final payment on the van.  YAY!  We have actual dates now rather than vague guesstimates of when things might happen.

Being back on the envelope system is really helping.  It's keeping us in balance and not leaving us wondering where things went.  Stuff is budgeted out ahead of time and once that envelope is empty, that's it.  No taking from one to put in another.

One of the things we are planning on getting is a turkey fryer.  Not to fry turkeys, but to do summer time canning.  I am not heating up a wood cook stove and sweating over it keeping it fed in triple degree heat.  I had enough of feeding fires in the massive heat wave while trying to cook over a camp fire. 

We went over plans and materials list for the additions on the house.  We're going to have the milking parlor in the back and the goat area will open to the door for the milking parlor.  We are also looking at materials for the addition for what will be our bedroom.  We know what we have and are just figuring out what we need.

Well, I need to get these children some honey and enjoy the rest of Part 2 of Band of Brothers.

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