Saturday, April 2, 2011

I love honey

I can't wait to get bees of my own and be able to harvest my own honey. 

The children have been hanging on to this wet deep from the toes cough.  I have been giving them honey, but it hasn't really been helping with the source of the cough.  I had been warned that this super high fever that hit Hannah (and to a lesser extent the other two) would have this cough when the fever was over.  Ok.  I can deal with that. 

However, what I did not anticipate was them (Bethany especially) coughing so hard she would vomit.  Crud.  Honey is not handeling this.  The doctor's office isn't going to do anything.  They need echinacea.  I have the root powder.  I don't have an encapsulator yet.  (Or what ever that thing is called that you make capsules with.)  Even if I did, Hannah is not capable of swallowing pills yet.  Bethany is barely able to.

Mix it with honey!

So, I did.  I took a huge glob of honey (roughly about two overflowing tablespoons) and mixed in a rounded spoonful of echinacea.  I gave each of the children a spoonful of the mix this morning.  They didn't cough all day.  I gave them another spoonful tonight.  I have not heard any coughing.

I was talking with a friend of mine this evening and was telling her about it.  Apparently, this is not a unique idea that I had.  There is this thing called medicine honey balls that has the same basic concept.  DARN!  And here I thought I had this really neat, novel idea that was all me.  Nope.  I just ain't that special.

Anyway, not only did they not cough, they seem to have gotten all the energy they lost over the past week back.  We went to different yard sales and flea markets.  I got a series of Jane Austin books, a hand crank ice-cream maker, some skirts for Bethany, a few winter shirts that will go in storage and a few other things.  We also found a really good deal on feed at a feed mill and if we were to order 5-6 tons of feed, they will deliver.  That would be about 6 months worth.  We have no place to store it.  We'll deal with 1000 pounds at a time.  Not 10,000 pounds. 

We sold Davarge last night.  It was a total surprise.  We had placed the ad in Craig's List a couple of weeks ago and there was no follow through on some of these calls that we got.  We finally said "forget it" and decided to not re-run the ad.  But, someone called yesterday (and kept calling on our old phone) and said they wanted him, could they come tonight, etc.  They showed up with a horse trailer.  They are going to use him for breeding for mules.  He will be very happy.  (Our old phone number will be shut off on the 7th.)

Oh, we got the things for the van.  We are going to change the fuel filter, air filter, oil filter, and oil.  The oil has not been done in forever and the others have not been done the entire time we've had the van.  It is past time and I still need to go to Indiana.  Hopefully, this will be the last time I have to go there for court.  It will be a go there and come back the next day.  It's a super quick trip.  We have milking goats, a goat about ready to kid, and a husband who is staying behind with the children.  With spring, work has tripled and that means I can't be gone like I was back in January.

Anyway, it's late and we have church tomorrow so I need to get to sleep.

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