Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Well, not everything got done today that I hoped.  But, some things did get done including more soap poured.  I now have citronella, tea tree, and another oatmeal poured.  That will be ready to be pulled and cut in about a week.  The other soaps will be ready for wrapping and shipping in a couple more days.

I went through a bunch of spices and got them sorted and put into jars.  Some shelves got stabilized and put to use.  Nothing much else got done since today has been rainy and dreary and non-motivating.  Tomorrow, I have to do laundry.  I have two baskets staring at me wondering why they are still sitting there. 

With all the rain, we are having to burn wet wood.  I hate burning wet wood.  It takes forever to catch even when it is added to an already going fire.  I will say, though, that us turning the barrel stove the way we did makes for a much warmer livingroom.  The other day, I was taking off my sweatshirt and wearing a short sleeved shirt because it was so warm.  Yes, we are still moving things around trying to figure out the best flow and how things work best.  And no, the barrel stove did not have anything in it when we turned it.

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