Monday, March 28, 2011

Sick, sick, sick

How appropriate that we go from 666 to sick, sick, sick.  Yeah, I have a warped sense of humor.

Hannah's fever peaked at 105.1 (yes, you read that correctly) this morning so I took her in.  Apparently, there is a virus going around that is causing really high fevers.  Ears are fine, strep came back negative.  No vomiting or diarrhea.  Just the fever.  From what I was told at the dr. office, the CDC has guidelines now that any fever that has nothing else going on with it (such as strep, vomiting, etc) is classified as an "influenza type virus" so my child (and the rest of them) have the flu.

Bethany and Charlie have fevers now as well and even with the fevers, they are bickering and pestering each other.  Some things remain regardless of what is going on.  I am sure that Husband and I are next in line since the children like to cough right in my face.

By the way, between fires, falls, and fevers, I for got to share.  My pap came back clean!  No cancer!  This is my first clean pap in a couple of years.  I am so relieved.  I am going to have to go for follow-up paps every few months until I get three or four clean in a row.  But I have a completely normal pap result! 

We had quiet winds and a bit of rain over the past couple of days so we did some burning today.  We are still burning around our house and I am more anxious than ever to get it done.  The wildfires we had scared the tar out of me.  There is an orange light pole a few miles away that you can see through the trees going down our driveway at night.  It's just a glimpse, but that orange glow makes me look twice now and I will probably continue to do so for a while even though I know what it is.

Tomorrow's tentative agenda depending upon how much the children allow us to do will be soap making, shelves, and reorganizing the kitchen.  I am also hoping to get started on cheese since we have an abundance of milk.  I just want to make some basic herbed cheese.  Nothing fancy.  If I am feeling really energetic, I will make some bread, but I doubt I will get that done.  When the children are sick, they get clingy.  Understandable, but still frustrating when I am trying to get stuff done.

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