Thursday, February 17, 2011


I made some bread today and fresh from the wood stove, I am breaking into it, slathering it with butter and drizzling blackberry honey on it.  And I wonder why I weigh as much as I do.

I used white flour this batch.  I got a big sack of white flour in Indiana and just haven't gotten around to mixing it with the wheat yet.  We will soon.  I have a sack of wheat flour yet to be opened.  I forgot how gummy white bread dough is.  So it was a bit of a surprise for me as I was trying to knead it how it just felt different and, well, gummy.  That is the way it is supposed to feel.  At least when compared to whole wheat. 

But, the bread is still good especially when hot and fresh from the oven.  I asked at dinner time if they liked me baking again and if they want me to bake more often and I got a very adamant, resounding "YES" from everyone.  So, guess what?  Weekly bread baking might end up turning into twice weekly bread baking.

Husband fell today and I am wondering if his wrist is broken.  With the bruising and everything and how painful it is to touch or move, I am guessing it is.  We have it splinted right now.  We tried to go to the local version of urgent care.  They are supposed to be open until 6:00pm.  We get there a little after 5:00 and they are closed.  No one is around.  I was not happy.

On the way back home, we did stop by the fire department to inquire about first responder training.  It is something I have been wanting to look into and they provide the training.  The first Wednesday of each month there is a meeting.  The next question is what to do with the children for the meeting.

Anyway, after the training, I want to further it and go for EMT/EMS training.  That is down the line, though.  I want to get all that training before I go through apprenticeship training to be a homebirth midwife in a few years.

We have decided it is time to sell Davarge.  The stupid donkey has ticked us off one too many times.  No more donkeys.  He is cute and friendly and affectionate.  If we wanted him as a pet, that would be one thing.  But we need him (or someone like him) as a working animal.  Either riding or as a pack animal or something.  Not a pet.  I will shoot him and eat him next time he annoys me.

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♥ B ♥ R ♥ A ♥ T ♥ said...

oh my!!! EMT/EMS training? how much would that entail? Can you tell I am backtracking and getting caught up? Girl, do you EVER sleep???