Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lost my daily zeal?

Well, I haven't lost my zeal for blogging, but I have lost a desire to repeat everything.  It's been the same stuff going on.  The new schedule seems to be working.  Now if Charlie would just do his math without argument.  He lost Cub Scouts on Tuesday due to fighting over math.

Basic schedule for him is schooling until noon then after lunch take care of water and then go play.  He has a good two hours or more for just running around playing if he just did his school work.  But if he doesn't do it and instead plays, stares off into space, scribbles, fidgets, rips paper, and does everything humanly possible to get out of it, he loses play.  Tuesday, he lost the chance to play and also lost scouts.

I have been sick.  Or at least I thought I was sick with really bad chest congestion.  I thought I had a chest cold or at worse bronchitis.  I went to the doctor today and a blood draw was done.  No sign of infection either bacterial or viral.  Allergies.  Cedar pollen is prominent.  I've never had allergies like this.  I've dealt with irritants like sneezing from a bunch of dust thrown up in the air or itchy eyes from lots of dust or pollen in the air.  But never actual environmental allergies.  I was a bit stunned because that was the last answer I expected and I felt like an idiot.  I went to the doctor's office for allergies.  So, I will be taking Claratin tonight.

Tomorrow we will be working on the kitchen and getting it expanded a bit.  I am looking forward to it.  I could use the room.  I know I won't have counters yet, but I know it is coming.  More floor space first so I can fit a propane fridge and a small chest freezer.  Baby steps.

Husband's schedule has been working for him as well.  Two hour block on projects.  Two hour block for the horses and horseback riding/training.  Two hour block (entire family) for firewood.  That seems to work well.  Except for when his wife annoyingly goes to the doctor for allergies.  Then, projects and horses get put aside.

My schedule is basically housework, help with schooling, meals, run errands, yard work, etc. 

The girls follow Charlie's basic schedule of school in the morning (with more focus for Hannah on scribbling and learning to write her letters while Bethany is reading and writing words) with play in the afternoon.

One thing I am liking about the new schedule is that instead of relying on ourselves to carve out time for Bible reading, we now do it as a family.  We've done it off and on in the past, but with a definitive "It is 9:00, everyone get your Bibles out" it helps to keep us focused.

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