Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Day Grumpy Children

The children have been grumps today.  Asking them to do anything has resulted in complete meltdowns.  I looked at them at one point and asked "Have all of you completely and totally lost your minds?"  Bethany said "Yes" and laughed.  Goodness!

Spinning was cancelled due to The Spinning Lady having the flu.  We went there for water anyway and made the girls stay in the truck.  They wanted to get out (Cheri came out anyway, but kept her distance) and I told them no.  I know them.  Sick or not, they would go over to Cheri and try to hug her.  While getting water, we watched thick, dark clouds of smoke billowing in the distance.  An old scrap yard was on fire.  It reminded me once again of just how easy fires can start and fires can spread. 

Once we finished with water, we picked up our laundry.  We had dropped by the laundromat and got it all started in the washing machines before heading over to Cheri's.  There were six loads.  I rammed all the wet clothes into three laundry baskets and loaded them in the truck on laps (one of them being mine) and we headed home with a quick stop at the store.  By this time, the children with their constant bickering and whining had just about driven me over the edge.  So, I stocked up on double stuff oreos, chips, dip, and to appease the guilt, a couple of bags of salad.

We get home and more whining, arguing, bickering, tattling, etc as I am trying to hang laundry.  GO AWAY!  I LOVE YOU, BUT GO AWAY!  GO PLAY SOMEWHERE!  THERE ARE 200 ACRES!  GO FIND ONE THAT IS NOT UNDER MY FEET!  They didn't listen.

We did do family Bible reading today and will continue that on a daily basis.  Charlie did his schoolwork as did Bethany.  I found her workbooks which makes her immensely happy.  Hannah practiced writing her name again and practiced writing the word "donkey."  I asked her what word she wanted to write next and that is what she picked.  Well, she's as stubborn as one so it comes as no surprise.

Husband is feeling better after getting thrown yesterday.  He was moving very painfully this morning.  On a good note, after being up during the night and drinking (not diet) Pepsi, his sugar this morning was 119.  I am pleased.  He did take it easy (somewhat) today.  No horses and no projects except for a few small things.  Tomorrow, he will get back into the swing of things depending upon what his health and his body allows.

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