Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weigh Day

I decided that Sundays are weigh-in day.  I've been away from the scale (and home) for quite a while and have been doign quite a bit of stress eating.  As a result, I have put on weight.  But, I think I have balance back in my life and am going to be more proactive in eating healthier, be more responsible when it comes to stress eating, and keep an eye on the scale.  My weight today:  238.6  Yes, I am blubber.

Husband worked with the equine again today.  He tried to ride Davarge and he was not having it.  So, since Davarge is a mammouth jack, he decided to ride Casey and pull Davarge along like a pack animal.  Davarge got himself too much lead rope and got behind Casey which she didn't like, reared, and threw Husband.  Husband landed flat on hit back and the back of his head.  Yeah, this is the same guy who has a plate in his head.

We got the yard cleaned up.  We got all the stuff that has been covered in snow and ice and frozen to the ground.  We went to "The Dump" and dumped it.  The Dump is a dump site on our property.  There is no town dump and no garbage pick up around here.  What people around here do is find a place on their property - usually a ravine of some kind - dump nonburnable garbage in it and when it's full bulldoze it.  Kind of what they do at official dumps.  We burn what we can, reuse what we can, send to scrap what we can, and what's left gets dumped.

I went over the new schedule with the children and informed them that we will have a bit more structure.  Like everything else in our life, it is flexible.  But there needs to be a bit more structure to our flow.  So, I did it up the other day and it will officially be instituted tomorrow.  I even went into the whole "Now during this time period when ____ would be going on, you girls have spinning.  Also, we will be going to the laundromat tomorrow.  And on Tuesday during this time period here, Charlie has Scouts."  So they understand that it is not rigid (as if anything in our life is rigid) but more of a flow.

Tomorrow, the girls have spinning, we will be getting water at the same time, and will also be going to the laundromat.  Tomorrow, Husband will be resting and recovering.  He has not been doing well today since being thrown.  I do have some good news, though.  He is still doing very well being unmedicated with his diabetes.  His fasting sugar this morning was 141.  He was doing a bunch of snacking last night just before bed.  I was very surprised.  And pleased.  Plus, he's been fighting a cold which has also been known to increase his sugar levels.  Hopefully, someday, his fasting levels will be 100 or lower.  I'd love to know his A1c right now.  His last one was 7.0.  I need to find out when his next appointment is.

My thyroid levels are doing well.  I don't know if I ever got around to mentioning it.  But, my Levothyroxine did not have to be adjusted.  I am holding at 200mcg.  So, I get to have a three month fill done at a time.  Yay for me.

Hannah is 100% better.  She gets sick, spikes a fever of over 103, and is fine the next day.  Charlie, Bethany, and Husband all have coughs and congestion.  Their lungs are clear, though.  So no worries there.

Anyway, it has been a long, but productive day filled with beautiful weather, sunny skies, and temps in the 70s.  Tomorrow will be another beautiful day with more getting accomplished.

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