Sunday, January 23, 2011

Three More Days

I will be going home in three days.  I am looking forward to going home.  I miss my family.  I miss feeling my husband by my side and my children in my arms.  I will miss Mandie and her family once I leave, but I will still talk everyday.

I will be hitting Rolla and going to Aldi's there before finishing the trip home.  I will be going a major stock-up shopping and also shopping for the menu I had made up for the month of February.  I do need to talk with Charlie about what he would like to make for dinner his one day a week.

I went to a Friend's church for service this morning.  It's right across the street which means it's convenient.  This morning's preaching was on music and its importance as a part of worship.  It was interesting listening to.  I miss my church.

Anyway, the budget for next month has been worked out.  Mandie is done having babies for the next couple of years.  I have a game plan to break up the drive home.  I am ready to go.  Three more days.

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