Thursday, January 27, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I am home and happy.  I got in yesterday afternoon.  I stopped in Rolla at Aldi's and did a big grocery shopping.  I had to go through the store twice because I couldn't fit everything in one cart.  So I shopped, loaded it in the van, went back in, and did more shopping.  Although I was tired, I'm glad I did it. 

When I got home yesterday afternoon, the groceries got put away, laundry got put in the van, and we went to Forsyth to do three large loads.  We had dinner out after (Husband's birthday) came home, fed the fire, and crashed.

Last night, I slept in my own bed, and felt a warm body snuggled into my back.  Yes, Hannah spent my first night home in bed with me.  Although she has been sleeping in her own loft, she needed me last night and fell asleep snuggled up to me.  I missed that feeling.  I also enjoyed the smell of wood burning as I slept. 

Today, we got up and had breakfast and finally got a spare tire for the truck.  We also picked up more materials to do more stuff with the house.  In picking up feed, I found out that the price had gone up which means readjusting my budget to accommodate that.  It used to be $4.50 for a 50# bag.  Now, it's $6.50 per 50# bag. 

Life goes on, I am happy to be home, and I enjoyed being greeted this morning by the donkey braying when I went to the outhouse first thing.  Hearing the rooster this morning made me smile.  The clarity of the stars last night was wonderful.  The biggest thing is my children climbing on me, hugging me, giving me kisses, sitting on my lap, and hearing them play. 

Later today, I am going to go over all of Charlie's school work and see where he is and how he's been doing.  One thing that really made me smile was when my suitcase was open and emptied of my stuff leaving behind all the books that Mandie's children didn't want anymore and were given to me for them.  They love reading and being read to and now, they have new books to choose from. 

I am not leaving my family anytime soon for anything less than a complete and total catastrophic event. 

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