Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cheap, Fast, Good

That is the name of the cookbook that I am taking back with me to Arkansas when I head back home.  I started copying recipes out of it and there were too many.  So, after much begging and pleading and tears (ok, so I just told her it was going back with me) she agreed to let me use it.

With it, I have my menu plan for the month of February and half the shopping list done.  I am even working on the March menu.  I have the bulk "core plan" menu going like I used to, but got away from.  Basically, my life is getting more settled and more into our normal routine.  Even long distance.

I am worried about life back home.  Not being there makes things frustrating.  Yes, things are going along and yes, things are getting done, and yes Charlie is doing his school work, but I am not there.  I have to be involved in every detail of my family's life.  I don't have control issues, though.  It's just that I have to be there because I said so.  I miss my husband.  I miss my children.  I miss my home. 

Anyway, on to what I am planning for February.  The numbers are the page numbers out of the above mentioned cookbook.

Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Cold Cereal (The children love cold cereal and it is a treat for them.  I usually find it to be expensive and over-all of little nutritional value.  However, once a week is ok.)
Fruit Salad with Cheese Cubes and Crackers

Homemade Granola

Eggs and Home fries

Banana Wraps

Lunch Meat

Cinnamon Balls

Bread Baking will be on Saturdays with setting the dough to rise Friday night before bed.
Granola Making will be on Mondays.

I am sure this menu will change a little bit before the time comes to make it "official."  Hubby still needs to look it over and make any additions or changes that he would like.  Usually, this is done and run by him for ideas or requests.  I involve the children as well giving them an opportunity to contribute.  I also need to "eliminate" one of these dinners for "Charlie's Dish" and keep the menu item in reserve should he not be able to make something for some reason.  (Time, sick, time, busy, time.)

I am also debating between going to Aldi's here and waiting until I get home and going to Aldi's in West Plains which is a couple of hours from home.  Going here means not heading home until that Wednesday afternoon and getting in after dinner.  Going there means going on another road trip after getting home from a long road trip and being away from home for three weeks.  I do it here, it's done, out of the way, I go home and the grocery shopping is for the most part done.  I wait until I get home, I am home about three or four hours sooner.

So, while I decide about what state to do my grocery shopping in, I wait for a baby to be born, work on menus, and work out our budget for the upcoming month.

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