Sunday, December 12, 2010

No baby

Labor has stopped.  Having experienced much of what she is going through with Hannah, I can definitely sympathize with her and the exhaustion and frustration.  While a part of me is cheering labor on saying "Lets' get this over with" there is also a part of me that is saying "She will come when she is ready."  She is obviously not ready yet and even if she were born now, she would still be early.  (Not premature, but early.  Yes, there is a difference.)  I'd rather have her stay in another week or two at least and have a healthier baby rather than have her come out too soon.  On the other hand, for the sake of sanity on the part of the mom, I am wanting the baby out now to get this done with.

I am only going to be in Indiana for another 5 or 6 days then we need to get back home.  We have people watching our animals and taking care of them, but it can't go on forever.  We have a dog that just had 9 puppies while we've been here.  We have a baby pig that we need to reclaim before we lose her to this family that has been bottle feeding her.  We have chickens that are going through a cold snap.  We have goats that are pregnant.  We have a horse and a donkey that will cop an attitude with us and be difficult for us for a bit because of us being gone.  And the longer we are gone and they are not handled, the worse it will be.  Not to mention that with no heat, the house is going to be freezing and we are probably going to have to thaw out everything before we can use anything.  (Like our beds to sleep in.  Just the thought of it makes my teeth chatter.)  I have no idea what we have for wood inside.  I don't remember.  But I do know that any wood outside is wet and will need to be brought in and dried out.

So while I would love to be able to stay indefinitely until this baby is born, I can't.  I am going to look at dropping everyone off, staying home for a week or two, then turn around and come back by myself.  I hate being separated from my family, but I also hate the thought of leaving a friend of mine high and dry.

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