Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blogger Problems

I was having problems with Blogger last night.  As a result, I did not blog.  I was going to post something about Pearl Harbor and my late father-in-law (no, he was not there) and WWII in general, but that did not happen.

What I am going to blog about now is more of a rant, thankful it is done and over with thing. 

We finally received last payment for the house on 2nd Ave in Terre Haute.  It was a rent to own land contract deal.  Part of the contract was a $5.00/day late payment if he was more than a week late.  The very first month, he was late.  He almost never paid on time sometimes being several months late.  He had one excuse after another.  We never made moves to collect late payments.  (Accumulated, they would be way over $3000.00.) 

This final payment was supposed to have been a total of $800.  (Two months payment all of which was very late.)  The final payment ended up being $400.  Half of what was owed.  We should have kicked him out years ago, but took pity on him for some strange reason.  Actually, it was not him we took pity on.  It was the little boy.  (Who has since moved out with his mother.  Some other psycho woman is there.)

This guy blames us and everyone else.  "You guys left me to do everything!"  Uh, when we bought the house from my SIL, we did all the running for the paperwork, paid all the fees, gathered all the stuff, and brought anything to her that needed to be brought.  He was not doing anything that we ourselves hadn't had to do.  It's part of home ownership.

He sent us the Quit Claim deeds in the mail with a photo copy of a money order saying we will get the money order when he gets the signed, notarized Quit Claim deeds.  No.  Life does not work like that.

Then, these Quit Claim deeds need to be notarized with all the signatures including his.  He was supposed to have his signature notarized, then ours would get notarized.  But, he didn't get it notarized so here is his signature on paperwork that needs to get notarized and we can't get it notarized because he did not sign infront of a notary.  Idiot.  We go over there yesterday and he is yelling at us and his girlfriend of the month is there yelling at us.  Talk about your stereo-typical white trash.

We bent over backwards for this guy and he screws us.  It is over, though.  With all the work that he is doing in that house trying to make it into something that it structurally can not be, I hope the house collapses in on him.  Not with people in it, but I hope it collapses in just so I can point and laugh.  Or better yet (he watched way to many house flip stories) he gets a buyer that treats him the way he treated us.

We made zero profit on this house.  It was not our intention to make a profit.  My SIL sold us the house for $20,000 on land contract with zero interest.  That is what we sold it for.  We also sold the vacant lot in for free basically.  (We included it in the price.)  We bought that for $1000 and used it for raising our own vegetables while we lived in the city.

Basically what it boils down to is we're too nice.  We aren't going to stop being nice and we aren't going to stop giving people chances.  However, when contracts are made, we need to make sure they are enforced.

On the birthing front, there is still no baby.  She is a full centimeter dilated and is losing her plug.  The midwife was out Monday and examined her.  It is still a waiting game.  I hate waiting.  But I am happy to be able to see people I care about. 

The other day, I stopped by a friend's house that I really care about and got a chance to surprise her.  I had found some old Nancy Drew books at a flea market and bought them for her.  (Hers had got destroyed when her basement flooded.)  I was going to mail them, but they kept getting forgotten by the front door.  Well, when M told be about her having contractions and other signs of early labor, I grabbed the books as I was grabbing everything else and got the pleasure of delivering them in person.

What was funny was I never called and told her I was coming.  So, when she opened the door, the reaction was priceless.  I loved it.  I am going to get together with her again before I head back.  She is someone I had not been able to see the last few times I was in town. 

I have a small (mile long) list of other people I want to see while here.  I hope I'm able to see them all.  It is really up to the baby though and when she decides to come out.

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