Monday, November 15, 2010


So I get a phone call last night.  R is sick and vomiting.  Her husband gets up at 2:30am for work.  Baby is inconsolable.  Two year old is congested and up coughing.  I high-tail it over there and spend the night walking and rocking a cranky, teething baby.

This morning, I go home, pick up my family, and we head back there where I am doing some housework, helping with the children, and spend the day grinding deer into hamburger meat.  This was a good sized deer.  It was an all day event between cutting, grinding, packing, etc.  The grinder was a hand crank grinder.

I took a break this afternoon and took the girls to spinning where Hannah received her own spindle and fiber.  She had fun and was very focused.  Bethany was very unfocused.  Oh, well.  There are days like that.

We get back to R's and I do more grinding and at some point have to stop, clean-up, and change for the meeting tonight.

The police department issue was a flop.  No one wants to do it and there is no public liaison.  The new director had already thought of that and had already gone around asking. 

The board meetings are monthly and the idea of an advocate sitting in on board meetings was met with acceptance and praise.  Then I started talking.

There are going to be monthly advocate/volunteer meetings that take place a week or two before the board meetings so that if there are issues, they can be hashed out then and if need be brought before the next board meeting.  Also, scheduling will be done at that meeting.  Since these are volunteers, they will for the most part make their own schedule.  But where they write themselves down, they are committing themselves to that time.  No one is handing them a schedule.  They are saying "I will work ____" and to prevent too much overlap this is made with everyone there.

There are other thing that got touched upon that still need to be addressed.  Although I am disappointed by the lack of interest from the police in terms of an active role, they have committed to doing drive-bys, plate checks, and if there are lights on after 10:00pm, they will call to find out what is happening.  So security has been addressed and is better than it was before.

And now, we are on our way home with our three children and the same infant I was up with last night.

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